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Goal Setting

It is my belief that you know exactly what goals are best for you.  After going through our process you will know exactly what those goals are. Then we team up to change the world! (Or at least your corner of it.)

Relationship Coaching

What is holding you back in your relationships?  Are you ready to go deeper and be more fulfilled? Together we can make that happen.

Stress Management

Are you ready to take the next step to more peace and joy in your life?  You don’t have to feel so stressed out anymore. You can live a life of peace.

Small Business Help

Work together and find out what is holding you back from taking the next step in your business.  Growing your business can be crazy scary!

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to make any progress?

Life Coaching can help you find your inner voice. It can help you to find your passion and purpose. Life coaching isn’t about the coach telling you what to do it is about the coach asking the right questions to guide you to YOUR truth. If you are ready to step outside your comfort zone then you are in the right place. In just one session we can figure out the what and the why for you. In 6 sessions we can make great progress towards those goals and in 12 sessions you may surprise yourself at how far you have come.

Why Should You Not Hire a Life Coach?

You want someone to give you advice.

Life coaches don’t give you advice. We help you to find your inner truth. Life coaches are not there to tell you what to do. We see you as creative, resourceful, and whole on your own and we are there to help you believe in your own intuition. We offer deep questions, different perspectives, and exciting challenges that help you reach your goals and guide you to your best life. We will give you valuable resources and tools to add to your own toolbelt, but we are not there to tell you what to do.

You are happy with the status quo.

Some people are perfectly content with the way their life looks, and that’s awesome! We should practice contentment, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of our dreams. Convincing yourself that overall, your life is “good enough” can be a huge killer of dreams. As life coaches, we are not here to force you into dissatisfaction so that you can change. Instead, we are here to help you celebrate the life that you have and cheer you on to an even better life!

You don't like change.

Life is all about feeling comfortable, am I right? The latest gadgets are created to make life easier. We want our day-to-day lives to stay the same because they feel good and safe. The only “change” we accept is improvements to what we already have. If change means that life’s going to be hard for awhile or even painful, we want nothing to do with it. But when it comes to experiencing life coaching, we ask our clients to take risks! We challenge them to change, and we take them straight into the uncomfortable. We don’t do this to cause problems. We encourage change because that’s where the transformation happens — and that’s our goal!

You don't want to pay.

Yes,  I go to family and friends for advice.  But I have received value at a much higher level from a coach who is trained to see my strengths and ask me the right questions to transform the way I see life and show up in the world. They have pulled me out of holes I didn’t think had an exit and affirmed parts of me that I used to hide in shame.

For this, I will never hesitate to pay a coach because I see the value in myself and in the coaching process.

You think your relationships are the best they can ever be.

One of the biggest changes my clients experience is often found in their relationships. When they learn to love themselves for exactly who they were created to be, it’s a lot easier to love others! When they identify their inner strengths and weaknesses and their unique lens in which they see life, they learn to understand how everyone has been created differently. All this results in conversations with loved ones that had been avoided in the past, new understandings that result in forgiveness, and acceptance for family and friends’ differing strengths and weaknesses. If you would rather hold grudges or resentment towards loved ones, coaching may not be for you.

How Do I Know If Coaching Is Right For Me?

Are you ready for change? Are you ready to trust yourself and your intuition? Are you ready to take your relationships to the next level? Are you ready to show up in your life? 

Are you ready to make a change?

It’s time to get unstuck and move out of your rut! As we work together you will start to take another step forward and another step forward and create some awesome progress towards your dreams. Schedule your 1 on 1 today!

Are you searching for your purpose?

What is your God given purpose that you have been put on this planet to fulfill? What are your unique strengths that you are hiding from showing others? Let’s find it together! Schedule your free 1 on 1 today!

Are you setting goals but not making any progress?

Do you get excited and set some goals and work on it for a few weeks and then lose motivation? We can change that! As a team we can work together to help you reach your goals and move toward your dreams.

Are you ready to trust your intuition?

Life coaching is all about helping you to find your inner voice. I ask the questions but you give the answers. You already know what to do. I just help you to see things from a different perspective. 

Are you ready to show up in your own life?

Are you ready to show up as yourself? Without the masks and without the walls? Are you ready to fully embrace all that life has to offer? Then you are ready for life coaching. 

My Approach

I believe that you are the smartest person in the world about you. No one else knows what you know about yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, your desires. In order to reach outside of your comfort zone, you are going to have to get uncomfortable. You are going to have to dig deep down and really get to know yourself. 

I will ask you specifically crafted questions to help you to learn more about what you are really thinking and feeling. Once you have figured that out then we will figure out where you want to go from there and what is the best way to go about getting there. One small step at a time. 

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Schedule your free one on one.  It will last about one hour and we will drill down to figure out what is most important to you and where you want to go with that. This is NOT a sales pitch. After we have spent an hour together you can decide whether you need more sessions or not. That’s it. No sales pitch needed.

Choose a Coaching Plan

If you just need a jump start on your goals then the free one on one is for you. You can try that out first to see if we are a good fit. After that, we can decide how much time we need to work together to get you to the place that you want to be. Some plans just take longer than others. But we can figure that out during our first meeting.

Reach Your Goals

If you are looking to reach some awesome goals in your life then you are in the right place! We aren’t just talking run of the mill everyday goals but using your goals as building blocks and working on one small block at a time until you have reached the place you never thought you could ever be.

1 Free Coaching Session

If you just need some help with figuring out your goals and what your motivations are then one session may be all you need. This coaching session will usually last about 1 hour and we will work together to help you figure out what direction you want to go and then figure out how you want to get there


More Details

This is not a sales call! This is a free coaching session. If you like it and want more then we can talk about what package you want to sign up for. 

But there is no pressure. Just some authentic coaching going on. 

6 Week Coaching Package

Along with the initial coaching session of one hour, we will work together for an additional 6 weeks.  We will dig deep into what you want and why you want it. Then we will create a road map of how to get there. Combined with accountability and your willingness to change nothing can stop you.


More Details

It is amazing what we can accomplish in as little as 6 weeks. We can dive in and really look at the reasons that you are getting the results that you are getting and then we can figure out how to get different results.  Yes, it is hard work and yes it is totally worth it. You will not regret spending some time getting to know yourself on a deeper more intimate level. 

9 Week Coaching Package

You can do great things in two months!  As you work closely with your coach and work on the small steps that you have chosen amazing things will begin to happen in your life. With consistency, commitment, and accountability there is nothing standing in your way.


More Details

Our 9 week package will really stretch you and push you to your limits.  When you look back at where you were when we started and where you are at then end of your 9 weeks you will be surprised at how far you have come and be excited about what you can do next.  

Still Have Questions?